From Lynne: (National 5 Maths)

My son Ben (15) has been receiving maths tuition from Angus on the lead up to his nat 5 exam. Angus has been absolutely fantastic. Ben really responded to his style of teaching, he felt encouraged, willing to try and his confidence has massively improved. Angus was always on hand to reply to emails, give feedback and it was great to have homework tasks/copies of tutor notes. The biggest compliment I can pay Angus is that Ben never once moaned about having extra maths and always spoke positively about the sessions!

Massive thanks angus

From Daniela: (GCSE Maths)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for the tuition that you provided for Francesca, it gave her a real boost in morale and she felt that the assessment made more sense after her sessions with you too. Thanks again I would certainly recommend you to anyone else!

From Pam: (GCSE Maths)

The tutoring with my grandson is still ongoing. Finley is studying for his Gcse’s. Angus is very friendly and always willing to go the extra mile with Finley. Most importantly Angus shows his belief in Finley’s ability which has enormously helped Finley to grow in confidence. Finley’s progression since we started these online tutorials has enabled his progress to excel and give him far more confidence in maths than he had before these lessons started. Angus took time to understand Finley and they both connected straight away. Tutorials are still ongoing.

From Alex: (QTS Maths)

Angus tutored me for my maths QTS. He instantly put me at ease, and made me feel confident enough to ask questions about anything I didn’t understand. He’s very knowledgeable and encouraging and there’s no way I’d have passed first time without his help!
A huge benefit is that it’s face to face and he uses a computer to note down all the work you do – you can then access this online afterwards. Angus provides all kinds of practice papers and lists of important things to remember; all of which were invaluable to me. Definitely recommend!

From Anna: (GCSE Maths)

Angus is an amazing tutor, I can highly reccommend him. I was an adult student, studying higher maths. It has been years, since i have studied any form of maths and was struggling with the course. Angus with his friendily and approachable nature combined with his expert knowledge, was able to turn everything around. Through structured tuition and set homework, i was able to start understanding concepts, i have always struggled with. Angus also gave me confidence i could do it. I completed the higher Maths GCSE in June 17 and have achieved a B, this was the grade i needed and think i only obtained this due to tuition with Angus. Thanks for all your help.

From Helen: (GCSE Maths )

Greetings Angus, hope you are keeping well. Vince got a 7 for his maths GCSE and thats what we hoped to achieve so we are very pleased. Thanks for all your help in this; your patient manner was invaluable. Kind regards, Helen

From Jackie: (A-Level Maths: C1, C2 & M1)

Joe, my son, attained 2 As and a B following his previous grades of 2 Es and a U. All with 20 hours tuition! Angus is a marvellous tutor and has helped Joe plug gaps in his maths knowledge, plus improve his confidence and self-esteem. Angus is a marvellous tutor who takes time to listen, understand and help. Joe has recommended Angus to his friends. Joe and Angus will again work together from next week.

From Victoria: (QTS Numeracy Test)

Angus tutored me for about 4 months in preparation for my QTS Numeracy test and I passed first time today!! He improved my confidence in Maths and I felt 100% prepared for my test.

He is very friendly and I highly recommend him for anybody who is struggling with the QTS Numeracy test!!

Thankyou for all your help Angus!!!

From Arthur: (GCSE Maths, Chemistry and Physics)
Would just like to say a big thank you! I passed my maths and additional science. Without you I wouldn’t have got the grades so thank you very much!

From Victoria: (QTS Numeracy Test)
Hi Angus, Just to let you know I passed my qts test and to thank you again for your help!! Whoop whoop!!

From Alex: (QTS Numeracy Test)
Been working for about 3months with Angus towards my QTS Numeracy exam.

I used to always struggle with maths but he was able to explain things to clearly and I’m happy to say that I passed my exam thanks to him!

Thank you! Would recommend him to anyone who’s struggling with QTS numeracy

From Imogen: (QTS Numeracy Test)
I needed some support to pass the ‘numeracy test’ required for a PGCE teaching course.

Angus calmly explained the basics to my tired and aged (42 yr old) brain. He was patient, kind and unpatronising, helping me to understand all that I had forgotten.

I would recommend his services and would certainly call him again if my kids struggle at school with maths. He has a kind and caring manner that would suit even my very shy son.

From Andrew: (A-Level Physics)
Was an utter pleasure to work with. Clearly knowledgable, thoroughly enthusiastic for the subject and full of good cheer (which makes studying a lot more palatable!).

He greatly bolstered my confidence in the approaching exams, and was highly adaptable to teaching according to my studying style and preferences. Additionally, he went out of his way to help my decision of an A2 option unit and also provide a great deal of useful advice relating to university applications (which, as a private student, I was clueless about).

I cannot recommend his tutoring enough to any who are considering it. Many thanks, Angus!

From Ingrid: (A-Level Maths)
Hope you are well. I don’t know if I passed this on to you but Finn
did very well in his AS level exams getting 3 As with 100% and 99% in his C1 and C2 maths! He said your input was very helpful.

From Jo: (GCSE Physics & Chemistry)
Having contacted Angus at the last minute to tutor my daughter before her exams, he went out of his way to put in all the time and immense effort to ensure she is as prepared as she can possibly be at very short notice. She now feels much more confident, to the point where she has lost her nerves about the impending exam today. He managed to cover a massive amount of work and somehow got her to retain it all!

Angus is friendly and approachable with the perfect amount of firm but friendly teaching to make me recommend him as above and beyond the best tutor I have ever hired. Highest recommendation!

Thank you Angus!

From Louise: (GCSE Maths)
I’ve not been in study for a while and Angus has really helped me every step of the way, been very patient and understanding, I couldn’t have passed to the assessment tests to do more studies without him.
Thanks for everything, I really do appreciate it.

From Michael: (University Maths)
Hi Angus, just wanted to let you know that I just had my first lesson at university, was straight into maths and I understood everything that was presented to me perfectly. So thank you very much!

From Ash: (University Maths)
Angus is a fantastic tutor. Since working with Angus I feel I have greatly increased my ability with Maths – I find working with Maths less stressful and am much more confident in lessons. Angus is very patient, knowledgeable and teaches in a way that I understand. I would recommend Angus to anybody.

From Carol: (GCSE Maths)
Angus has been tutoring my son Jack for the last 6 months. In that time his confidence has grown and grown. He really enjoys his sessions, as Angus explains the Maths in a way that Jack finds much easier to understand. Jack is looking forward to doing well in his forthcoming GCSE hence I would highly recommend Angus as a tutor.

From Ewa: (GCSE Maths & Physics)
Angus has been tutoring my daughter for over two years and in that time she has gained more confidence in her Maths and Physics. Angus takes time to go through work with her and has a friendly approach to teaching. Good teaching style which led to good learning. I would definitely recommend Angus as a tutor.

From Martin: (QTS Maths)
Angus, Emily passed her QTS today. She couldn’t have done it without your help. Many thanks and best wishes.

From Jarrod: (iGCSE Maths & Physics)
Hi Angus, Just to let you know Will did very well as predicted he got A* in Maths and also A* in Physics. Thanks again for your help.

From Gill: (GCSE Maths)
Well what can i say- Angus stepped in at the last moment to tutor my daughter studying maths GCSE. My daughter initially didn’t like Maths but having Angus, she looked forward to the tutorials. She felt it was alright/comfortable to say she didn’t understand questions, felt she could ask until she did understand.Angus through his calming quiet disposition of being a tutor helped develop her confidence using Maths .I would Strongly recommend Angus as a helpful kind effective tutor in this subject. Thank you Angus!

From Zee: (Professional Maths)
Angus is very time effective and replied to my email with sharp responses and was able to help me in what i needed in a few clicks. I will recommend Angus to anyone who wants to be successful, and i will continue using his help when needed in the future.

From George: (University Maths)
Angus was a great teacher and constantly motivated and inspired me throughout our lessons. He was very patient and explained everything in a way which I understood. I would highly recommend him and am grateful for all of his help!

From Michael: (Further Maths)
I found Angus on Google after trying a couple of teachers recommended by friends and family, and having trouble reaching a common ground with what it was that I needed to know in preparation for my degree. By the end of the first lesson we had narrowed it down to exactly where I needed to start. I now feel confident that I will start my degree knowing exactly what I needed to, and would recommend Angus to anyone!

From Zoe: (GCSE Maths)
Thank you for all your help over the last year and for making my maths lessons fun and easy. My maths exam went really well.

From Jack: (University Maths)
Angus has been an invaluable help throughout the summer and has advanced my mathematical competency immeasurably due to his ability to explain complex topics simply and effectively. Angus is undoubtedly a talented and engaging tutor but he is equally a genuinely lovely person and it has been a pleasure to work with him on a personal level. I would highly recommend Angus to anybody!

From Jane: (GCSE Maths)
Angus was able to begin maths tuition almost immediately after we made our request. One of the first comments our daughter made after the initial tutorial was ” I have learned so much today.” Angus is friendly, enthusiastic and very helpful. We would highly recommend him to anyone wanting maths tuition. He is able to impart his knowledge of maths with clarity and good humour,and Nathalie finds him very easy to work with.

From Kit: (University Maths)
In 5 days Angus managed to effectively teach me calculus. I may as well have not gone to lectures due to the minimal understanding I had of the course prior to his tuition. However after 9 hours of his help and considerable effort on both our parts I feel confident about the exam I sat today.
Made me appreciate formulas again particularly my bespoke integration ones!
I will be recommending Angus to my friends. Thanks for your help!

From Louis: (University Maths)
Excellent tutor, aims high and gets you there! Very approachable and there’s no such thing as a stupid mistake, highly recommended….

From Paul: (GCSE Maths)
At very short notice Angus provided a intensive programme to assist my daughter Jenni to gain more confidence going into her exam, Higher Maths GCSE June 2011. From the first visit to the house Angus made Jenni feel comfortable and this continued over the whole tuition period. Jenni liked his teaching style and she was able to understand parts of the syllabus that had previously been a problem. Both Jenni and myself would highly recommend Angus to anyone looking for a tutor.

From Steve: (Further Education)
I’ve been working with Angus for about 4 months now and he’s been excellent.His tutoring sessions have helped me to go from a very low level of understanding to grasping complex subjects very quickly.He also provides a very high level of support outside of our sessions with learning materials over the internet .
Thanks Angus!

From Lisa: (University Maths, University of the West of England)
Angus is a fabulous tutor – patient, understanding and always willing to tackle problems in an appropriate approach depending on how you learn! My fear of maths is disappearing, my confidence is growing and I look forward to the knowledge gained from him each week – he’s been indispensable. Thank you Angus…..!

From Jane: (GCSE Maths)
My son had failed to get a Grade C GCSE twice and had lost his confidence as well as feeling the pressure to retake again as well as keep up with his A level studies.

Angus has completely turned this around. His easy manner, one to one support and encouragement, together with the ability to explain maths in a way that my son could understand, discuss and retain has meant he turned up on exam day feeling very prepared and confident he’s succeeded. I share this confidence which I couldn’t have said before. I highly recommend Angus and would like to offer our sincere thanks to him for making the difference.

From Karen: (A-Level Maths)
Angus tutored my daughter for 8 weeks prior to her Maths Higher exam in May 2011. He was an excellent tutor with thorough knowledge and great enthusiasm for maths and his patient teaching manner helped increase my daughter’s understanding of maths greatly. As a result she was much more knowledgeable and confident on exam day.

From Andy: (A Level Maths) really helpful and friendly

From Callum: (A Level Maths) very helpful! a first class tutor! would recommend to anyone!

From Alex: (GCSE Maths) Angus is an excellent tutor. He made me feel really positive about getting through my maths which Ive always had a phobia of and explained everything in a way I best understood it. Thanks Angus.

From James: (GCSE Maths) Since he started working with Angus our son’s performance in both maths and physics has much improved and he is now confident that he can obtain the results he needs in his int.2 exams this year.
Angus is very capable and our son is comfortable woking with him.

From Diane: (University Maths) Angus was fantastic – he came on board at very short notice and gave my son the knowledge and confidence to pass his maths exam. His attitude and enthusiasm for his subject is excellent – he genuinely cares for his students and nothing is too much trouble.
I cant thank him enough…

From Janice: (A-Level Physics) My son has only had one lesson with Angus but is looking forward to his next lesson, my son is usually very shy and quiet but he is enjoying his lesson, I find Angus to be very friendly and puts my son at ease, he knows his subjects very well and I know my son will do very well with his help

From Iain: (University Maths) Angus can explain his subject really well, and ensures that you understand it before moving on to the next. Ewan’s comment: ‘an awesome tutor’.
Highly recommended

From Adam: (University Maths) During the time I was tutored by Angus I found him extremely helpful and accommodating to my personal schedule. He was always well-prepared and tailored each session to my own personal needs. Overall a great tutor!

From Stuart: (University Maths) Has bent over backwards to fit in with my somewhat unusual situation, delivered exactly what I am looking for and clearly knows his stuff. Well pleased.

From Emmanuela: (A-Level Physics) Angus is very approachable and very flexible. He explains things very clearly and easy to understand.
He is currently tutoring me for higher physics and maths and I’ve found him extremely helpful!
The website for his tuition is excellent which contains homework and notes for each unit.
Very friendly, organised and professional! I would definitely recommend it for anyone studying physics or maths.

From Joanne: (GCSE Physics) Angus is a very polite and helpful young man . he is patient and thoughtful and tries to make the subject relevent and interesting . I would recommend Angus as a tutor as he has a good manner and has helped my son focus .

From Susie: (GCSE Physics) Angus is an excellent tutor who has already helped my daughter understand physics a great deal better than before. His teaching methods really help the facts “stick” and he has a good knack of getting the message across and judging how much to teach at one time. I would recommend him very highly.

From Kathleen: (A-Level Physics) Hi Angus
Congratulations you have inspired my son and his love of physics has returned. You are a excellent tutor and very likable and approachable. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a maths/physics tutor.
Kate Hannah

From Paul: (GCSE Physics) My daughter was having serious trouble with her Physics int.2 to the extent that she had failed a NAB exam in January 2010. I got in touch with Angus and very quickly saw the beginings of a turnaround. Angus delivers his tuition in a very pleasant,courtious and professional manner, he listens and encourages input from his tutee as to problem areas etc. Angus structures his sessions very well and will concentrate on areas which will provide maximum benefit to the tutee. Angus is also very supportive via e-mail which is a great benefit when problem solving.

My daughter passed her Physic int.2 prelim scoring a “B” in March 2010 and is looking forward to building on this for her final exam in May with Angus’s help.

After meeting Angus and checking his references I knew he could help. I have been completly taken aback by what he and my daughter have achieved over such a short space of time.

Highly recommended, professional, effective, pleasant and down to earth tutor.


From Mary: (GCSE Maths) Angus is always on time for lessons and is very friendly.

From Kathryn: (GCSE Maths) Angus is a good Tutor who listens. He asks what is required for Tutoring and gets it done. He has printed off copies of standard grade papers and given helpful hints and tips on sitting exams. He has an excellent way in teaching the subject which is clear and well thought out. He brought his own Maths books for my sons to help them. They are both very happy with him. I would recommend him for tutoring.